Let's Go! is an album from the little bit where Mike wasen't in the band. Although, Mike wrote some songs.


  1. Can Yo Do the Dance?
  2. The Peanut Butter Song
  3. Get Ready in the Car
  4. Jacob's Folding Chair
  5. Hide-and-Seek
  6. We Gotta Go!
  7. Jack and Jill
  8. Jacob's So Cold
  9. Turn the Frown Upside Down
  10. Jack Be Nimble/Jill Be Nimble
  11. Swirm Around the Clock
  12. Guess Who I Saw
  13. Where's the Swirmy Gang?
  14. Goodnight!
  15. Swirm-Family
  16. Swirming Rules! (busking)
  17. Hey! Weather Man!
  18. S.U.G.A.R.
  19. Happy!
  20. Going to the Beach!
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